Metal Fence Post Puller

At, we cater to a large audience having varied requirements. Using our very effective metal post puller, you can pull out a wooden/metal post, bushes, tent stakes, shrubs, or a tree stump.

Our hydraulic post puller is manufactured to bear the strain of pulling out heavy fence posts, gateposts, or street signs of different sizes and shapes. Popularly used by landscapers and fencers, our post-puller is fabricated using world-class innovative technology and machinery.

Here are the following features of our perfectly fabricated post-puller.

● It doesn’t require being tied up with a diesel-run vehicle. So, no expenditure is needed on diesel.
● There’s a one-year guarantee on the chain loop’s workmanship. Hence, you can contact us immediately if any defect is noticed.
● Additionally, the fence post puller comes with a five-year guarantee against the frame’s workmanship.
● Ideal product for sign companies, municipalities, fence companies, farmers, tool rental, individuals, etc.
● Have a full-fledged heavy post dug up from the ground without actually digging one.
● This set of tools is available at a great price point that’s not available anywhere else in the market.

Pulled Post


Our advanced post-puller is ideal for easily pulling out a fence post along with the concrete plug.Your search for the best manual post-puller comes to a halt here!

As great as the functionality sounds, it doesn’t just end here. Our hydraulic metal fence post puller also makes an amazing landscaping tool, assisting in the removal of small shrubs, trees, bushes, and bamboo.

So far, our product has been used by some of the top companies most effectively. “Safest” and “fastest tool” are the words our clients have used to describe their experience with our product. Removing signs, anchors, and stakes from the ground is a piece of cake.