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How to Pull Out Steel Poles from a Concrete Ground

Removing Steel Poles From Concrete Using Fence Post Removal Tool

Understanding how to remove metal fence posts in concrete settings can be confusing if you need to remove an old fence or finish another steel pole installation. Fortunately, if you have the proper fence post removal tool, this project won’t be too challenging. It’s simple to learn how to use a farm jack or high-lift jack to remove steel fence posts from concrete. 

Steel fence posts are made to be embedded in concrete and to be extremely durable. You must remove the fence posts if you decide to relocate your fence or perhaps pull it down entirely. That will be a problem because you’ll have to remove something that was intended to stay put permanently. Here are some of the steps that’ll help you get the job done effectively. 

  • Preparing

Dig around the concrete and steel fence posts with your shovel to start. You will find it simpler to get rid of them afterwards if you do this. Dig all the way down to the concrete’s base. When digging, put on gloves, and try to slightly loosen the steel fence posts by moving them back and forth.

Especially if you have a lot of fence posts, this is a laborious job. It can be made simpler by using a hose to thoroughly wet the ground around each of the posts. Once you’ve finished digging, fill it with water to assist the concrete-encased steel fence posts come loose.

  • Remove it

Now that you’ve loosened the metal post, you can proceed with uprooting it. Place the post and plug remover above a wooden platform or any solid platform. It’s to prevent it from sinking into the wet ground around the metal post. Wrap the puller around the metal post at the lowest setting so that it grabs and holds the post. By depressing the lever, you should be able to raise the metal post a few inches. Continue until the metal post can be entirely removed. 

Adding to that, this tool can also be used to remove the tree stumps and wooden posts. You can buy it either together or separately while getting the puller.

  • Dispose of the concrete 

After you successfully lift up the pole and slab, there should be someone with you to help you lift it out from the ground and take it away. And do it for each one of the slabs. Use a sledgehammer to disassemble and move the concrete and metal posts more easily so that they may be disposed of properly. To capture the debris, you might wish to place the posts and concrete on a tarp. Use safety glasses at all times. Concrete and steel (and most other types of metal) can both be recycled, but they generally shouldn’t go in your household recycling bin. To learn how to properly care for them, contact a local waste removal provider.

Below are some essentials you’ll need to carry out the post removal effectively. They are:

  1. Garden hose
  2. Shovel
  3. Fence post removal tool 
  4. Protective eyewear
  5. Work gloves


Because the rotten material might easily break off, you can’t just drill a lever through it or use a T-post puller to remove a rotten fence post, whether it’s made of metal or wood. If so, getting rid of it would be far more challenging. 

Don’t choose hard work instead of smart work, you’ll probably break your back trying to pull out a metal post from the concrete ground. So buying a post and plug remover is a great investment. Through the right tool, the work can get a lot easier. offers the best quality fence post removal tool for effective removal of poles- metal or wooden. We have a collection of post pullers in different models to fit unique requirements of our customers. Post removal is no longer a headache when you’ve such an efficient tool by your side. For more, checkout our website here: