Hydraulic Post Puller

Removing sign posts from the ground can be a challenging and time-consuming task but not anymore by using the post puller. Regardless of whether the posts are deeply rooted or the surrounding area needs to be protected. Not to worry anymore, try out our Post puller tool that are trusted by industry experts. Newest 8th generation pulls posts or signs with up to 18 inch plug attached onto the post or sign. NOW POWDER COATED.

When purchasing the puller AND the Chain Loop this unit is 100% ready to go to work with very little assembly after delivery.  You will not need to buy anything else to pull posts and plugs. THIS IS A VERY LOW PRICE TO PAY FOR WHAT THIS UNIT CAN DO!  It can replace a man.  It can save your back.  It can cut your time greatly.  It can make your job easier.  It can take out BOTH THE PLUG AND POST simultaneously leaving your hole for the next post and concrete.  The frame will last a lifetime.  It is powder coated.  Tires are hard rubber, not air.  Patent Pending.

Not just another cheap, dangerous, junk farm jack machine that someone threw together. 
This machine works quickly, smoothly, and safely removing a Fence Post and Concrete Plug.

Post hole puller