Steel Fence Post Puller

Road maintenance or construction contractors no longer have to give their blood, sweat, and tears to remove unsolicited fence posts. At, we bring you an innovative approach through our hydraulic steel fence post puller. It’s exactly the extra hand you need to carry out the job effectively.

One person is enough to operate the machinery single-handedly. Given the fact that it doesn’t run out of fuel, it’s super eco-friendly. The steel fence post puller can tackle areas of concern that tractors and trucks find cannot even enter. Moreover, its versatility enables you to use it for varied purposes, such as removing:

● Shrubs
● Grape vines
● T-posts
● Wooden posts
● Vine posts
● Fence posts without a concrete plug
● Bamboo

What Makes Our Hydraulic Post Pullers Different? brings you a deal worth grabbing. Our hydraulic steel fence post-puller is priced at quite a lower price as compared to other models available in the market.

Here are some of the added features that entice hundreds and thousands of individuals & organizations to buy from us.

  •  The steel fence post puller Gets the job done quickly. Hence, doesn’t take up a lot of your time.
  • It effectively pulls out the pull as well as the plug by leaving behind the hole, which can be filled with the next concrete and post, if needed.
  • The powder-coated frame is expected to last for a lifetime.
  • The strong hard rubber tires can successfully be rolled over dust and debris. Since the steel fence post puller’s tires aren’t made from air tires, they last for a prolonged period.
  • It requires minimal assembly after delivery.
  • The set comes with an 18-inch plug that can be attached to the sign or plugs to uproot it.

So, why wait? Check out our website and remove any obstacle coming your way with minimal efforts. Click here to know more: